D. Lee DuSell in 2012

Statement delivered on May 15, 1964 by Mildred Fagen on the occasion of D. Lee DuSell's becoming an honorary member of the Interfaith Forum of Religious Art and Architecture

D. Lee DuSell

Though endowed with rich and many sided talents as designer, craftsman, artist, and sculptor, D. Lee DuSell is a man of uncommon modesty. He executes his commissions within a wide span of disciplines from the lyric to the epic, from the dynamic to the mystic but always with a deep sensitivity and devotion to the specific problem.

In making him an honorary member, we enrich ourselves as his work, consistently has integrity of material, beauty of concept, and exaltation of purpose.

Statement delivered on May 1, 2014 by Brian DuSell on the occasion of D. Lee DuSell's becoming a member of the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame.

Good evening, I am Brian DuSell, Lee DuSell’s son. My father, owing to his advanced age, no longer travels far from his home and studio in rural upstate New York. He is deeply honored to be included in the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame and has asked me to convey the following statement to you on this occasion.

To the Board of Directors of the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame, Fellow Inductees, and Guests, Imagine the deluge of thought that has flooded my memory upon receiving your award. In a single moment of time, I have recalled childhood, teen years, service in the United States Navy, art school, marriage, family, career, and now old age. There are many individuals who deserve my deepest gratitude for this rewarding journey. At this particular moment, one person stands out and that is (2012 FVA Hall of Fame Inductee) Delbert Peterson, my Aurora East High School art buddy. It was he and his wife Jean who thought of nominating me for this prestigious award. My heartfelt appreciation goes to them for making this honor a reality. In years past, occasionally I have received recognition for a specific project. Those infrequent moments now pale in comparison to being recognized in your Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame. I hope that you will allow me to interpret this honor as a tribute to my total career and life.

I would be remiss if I did not share with you my lifelong conviction. Namely: my life has been a blessing from the living God. God has given me everything including my interest and talent in art. For this, I have always sought to praise and thank him for all of his guidance and inspiration in my work.

I consider myself one of those fortunate individuals who has lived his life doing exactly what I enjoy doing. In fact, it seldom felt like work because I was enjoying myself so much.

Finally, I want to express my respect for the individuals living in my hometown of Aurora, IL, who have conceived and implemented the “Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame”. It suggests to me that there is a level of enlightenment and sophistication in Aurora and the Fox Valley that sets it apart from the norm. You are to be congratulated and appreciated for your accomplishment.

I am significantly honored to be a member of the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame. It is unfortunate that my many years make it impossible for me to personally share this treasured moment with you. Thank you for your generous tribute to my career as an artist.

In Gratitude,
D. Lee DuSell

May 1, 2014
Torpy Pond, Erieville, NY

From A Life in Architecture by Minoru Yamasaki

"The sculptured elements for the door and area above it were designed by Lee DuSell, [...] who has enriched many of our buildings with his sculptural artistry."


Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you to humbly thank you for my salvation. Your Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ, God the Father, and God the Holy Ghost, have given to me the most miraculous gift possible, the forgiveness of my sins. This is the source of my hope, my joy, and my peace on earth. Being washed as white snow transcends my understanding. However, it is the manifestation of your love, your mercy, and your righteousness. Thank you for this miraculous gift. Praise to the living God.


D. Lee DuSell
10 October, 2013